Frequently Asked Surety Bond Questions

We’re often asked how quickly agents can become appointed and start issuing bonds. We’re glad you asked! Here are the answers to our top surety bond questions.

About Our Company

Who is American Surety Company?

American Surety Company specializes in the writing of commercial surety bonds in all 50 states and has been in business since 1993. Our entire team is accessible regardless of position and is available to our agents and collaborators at any time for any reason.

Our size is our strength, making us agile and responsive to your needs. Our underwriting team has more than 150 years of combined knowledge, experience, and service expertise. We respond to requests quickly and look forward to working with you.

Since 2024, American Surety Company has been a division of Core Specialty Insurance Holdings, Inc., which offers a diversified range of specialty insurance products for small to mid-sized companies. Focusing on niche markets, local distribution, and superior underwriting knowledge, Core Specialty provides traditional, as well as innovative, insurance solutions to meet the needs of its customers and brokers.

Why American Surety Company?

As an agent, you want quick answers, directness, responsiveness, and quick decisions when writing surety bonds. You don’t want to wait all day to be able to answer your clients. 

Surety is our passion. We believe in excellent service, quick response times, and providing independent agents with the tools needed to manage a broad variety of bonds. Becoming appointed with American Surety Company means having a dedicated team of surety professionals ready to provide meaningful partnership, responsiveness, and innovative solutions. American Surety Company proudly serves independent agents in any of the 50 United States.

How can my agency be appointed to sell bonds?

Becoming appointed with American Surety Company is simple. Connect with us today, enroll electronically, and start writing bonds!

American Surety Company makes becoming appointed with us easy! We’ll send you everything to sign electronically and you should reasonably be able to write bonds within 48 hours.

What types of bonds do you write?

ASC underwrites a broad variety of commercial and fidelity bonds, including Fidelity, License and Permit, Notary, Probate, Public Official, and more.

Can I get in touch with an UW (Underwriter)?

Yes! We’re ready to help you at any time. Our bond underwriters are experts in commercial surety bonds and the American Surety Company’s team of experienced surety professionals is ready to assist you anywhere in the United States.

Who do I call for questions?

Start a conversation with American Surety Company here. We take the time to provide care and support for our agency partners.

Do you issue bail bonds?

Our sister company located at can assist you with any surety bail contract needs.

I’m an agent but am not appointed with American Surety Company yet. Can I purchase a bond through this website on behalf of my client?

The American Surety Company partnership provides agents with tools such as Bond IT and Bill IT to easily manage bonds via a dashboard. Plus, we provide technical support through our dedicated support staff.

Our tools are exclusive to agents who are appointed through American Surety Company. To begin the appointment process, provide us with your agency information and contact details.

In which states can American Surety Company underwrite?

American Surety Company can serve your bond underwriting needs in all 50 United States.


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Our mission, vision, and values drive our commitment to providing the best support and care to our agents so that they can best serve their clients in all surety bond needs. 

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Become appointed and quickly begin writing bonds with American Surety Company, utilizing our tools to manage bonds, billing, and more.

Our systems provide the most up-to-date information. Bond IT, Bill IT, and a dedicated customer service team provide you with full life-cycle tools to write new bonds and riders, and manage cancels, reinstatements, and renewals right at your fingertips.

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American Surety Company is licensed to issue surety bonds in all 50 states and we are ready to assist you today.


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American Surety Company serves agents across the country and is licensed to issue bonds in all 50 states. See some of our state-specific specialty bonds here.

About American Surety Company

Our team of experienced surety professionals is ready to assist you anywhere in the United States, from the Gulf, Atlantic, or Great Lakes.


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