Notary Bonds

When issuing Notary Surety bonds, choose an underwriting partner that provides you with the tools, resources, and meaningful support you need. As an appointed agent, you will be able to provide your clients with surety bonds across a wide variety of options, including Notary and E&O insurance.

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Notary bonds are required by many states as a way of guaranteeing the notary will perform their duties ethically and in adherence with the law.

Notary Bonds

Notary Bonds

Also offered by American Surety Company is a Notary Surety bond. Depending on state laws, Notaries must purchase a Surety bond to protect the public against failure on the Notary’s part to faithfully perform their duties as prescribed by law.

Notary Errors & Omissions

Notary Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance protects Notaries from their unintentional errors or if a client makes a false claim against them. If a claim is made against a Notary bond, the Notary is personally responsible to prove they acted responsibly. The costs to defend and prove they acted responsibly can cost the notary thousands of dollars including legal defenses, fees, and court costs. If your client purchases Notary E&O insurance, they would be protected from these types of claims and costs up to the policy coverage amount.

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About Notary Bonds

What is a notary bond?

A notary bond ensures the public that duties will be performed in accordance with all applicable regulations, and that wrongdoing will not occur.

Who needs a notary surety bond?

Notaries must purchase a Surety bond in most states to protect the public against failure on the Notary’s part to faithfully perform their duties as prescribed by law.

How do I sell notary bonds?

It’s easy! In this digital world, we’ve honed our process to get independent agents appointed with American Surety Company fast. Start a conversation with us now, and let’s get you started writing commercial surety bonds.

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